2nd Floor, No1 , East 12th St, Beyhaghi Blvd, Argentina Sq, Tehran - Iran

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Address:  Tehran, Arzhantin Square, Beyhaghi Blvd, 12th East Street, Number 1, Apt 2

Postal Code: 1515659114


(0098)-88733922, (0098)-88733923, (0098)-88767560

(0098)-88521529, (0098)-88505880, (0098)-88540961

Sales unit: Interior 1

Accounting Unit: Internal 2

Technical and after-sales service: domestic 3

Fax: Internal 4


Sales: Sales@pars-eng.com

Technical and after-sales service: Service@pars-eng.com

Management: M.zandi@pars-eng.com

Public Relations: Info@pars-eng.com


Company Channel: @parsideal

Devices sale: @parsidealsystem

Selling parts and consumables: @isp_sales

Technical and after-sales services: @isp_service

Instagram :

Company page: pars.ideal.sys

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